Many people have asked this question. Even myself in the recent purchase of my SUZUKI ltz400, or purchase SUZUKI Jordi, or at the DERBI DXR Rafa, or at the SUZUKI Javi … in which I have been present to certify the right or poor condition of the second-hand quads have looked and finally bought, trusting my judgment (poor beasts)

Most often, we do not have the money to make that purchase to “locate an” or, if we do, we have cost efforts, sacrifices and penalties being assembled. Reason to worry a bit more to buy something decent and fill us with satisfaction and no problems.

Our old quad is we have outgrown or old, or stamp on a ravine or severe engine failure is so what repair costs more than buying one identical but working or only want to get into the scene for the first time. The idea is that we seek a new friend handlebar and four wheels.

Put yourself in the ideal. We have the money. We understand the type of vehicle you want. We know we’re going to take full advantage; you’re a lucky guy. Who could? With the “slowdown” there. But it is logical that something fails. We split.

First unknown. New or OWNED?

The money, if you do not have, is going to the bank to see if you get it. But is not the same request € 2,000. And then the first question arises. New or second hand? If you have the pasta, as a premiere nothing, make no mistake.

But today’s market and ATV quad in Spain suffers a supersaturation of second-hand models that are not used and allowed to buy vehicles in excellent condition for an attractive price and often go with cheap ATV tires.

There are several types of vendors selling various kinds of quads:

Quad fashion: The bought back in the day the kids to go with colleagues as a new way and remained in the garage potato after a dump or use it just to go for the bread or the bar to slide and do noise with the bride. The primary cause of the bad image of our vehicles. They tend to be relatively new, but clean. But they have harmed their engines and chassis more than advisable on asphalt. Usually, they sports like Suzuki ltz400.

Quad mortgage: There are hundreds of fans who unfortunately must be set to deal with a layoff (which does not reach me, I do not get … !!!) and / or to the brutal rise in mortgage. His misfortune may be a good opportunity for us … And for them! Need to see the condition and find everything.

Quad pursued: Agunos teammates have finished fed up that AUTHORITIES Are competent? the sanction every weekend in an illogical and merciless persecution by the unjust and prohibitionist LAW MONTES, extreme application in Madrid and Valencia. They decide to sell because they can not use them freely. It’s sad … They tend to be relatively new and gently used. Again, best to check.
Quad used or widely used: Companions who decide it is high time to change the quad or ATV. It will be worth it, or even we approach, depending on the price and condition. Only buy if you are genuinely cheap and have been very well treated, as the desgate take it over.

Workshop Quads: Some workshops agreed on quads used as a down payment for a new one. Today, with the fucking crises (sorry, “deceleration”) do not sell anything, and many begin to be desperate to take off the ballast used above.

A real deal will make a quad guaranteed Workshop (always in writing!) Or at least well-reviewed and developed.

Good choice, although the most expensive in the long run, since a workshop pants will fall in the sale and then download them to you in repairs or spare parts prices and recoup your investment.

All that material used, which is looking a bit, you can get authentic pure gold (Javi right?). There quads really feel sorry (or disgust), but there are others that just have some slight damage and only 1,000 or 2,000 kilometers, despite having 2 or 3 years old. The market is cruel, and economic problems of some allow find real bargains that knows and can seize the opportunity.

But eye. What it sells second-hand usually hidden defects and faults. It is critical to review certain essential points to take no surprise that runs between purchase and repair, in a similar spending to have bought a new good beginning.

Persuasion, know how to negotiate without overtightening and have the money in hand, they are the guarantee for a good buy. The seller may become desperate, but it is neither silly nor ever leave tread. A good deal will be advantageous to both parties since you buy something in conditions and well below the price of new purchase and the seller will be taken off an expensive item you no longer use.

How to find the best trampoline!

The trampoline is an outdoor game ideal for children and even the greatest. It lets off steam by jumping like an inflatable playground is for children. This is an easy way to get active and have fun at the same time. It’s also a way to get your kids to their room and their indoor games while offering them an activity tend to have fun outdoors.

Buy a trampoline for the first time, is trying to sort through all the proposed models. Some brands are starting to be known in the market and offer good quality trampolines.

Jump trampoline allows to play sports and have fun. Children love it, and parents are very convenient to be physically active without going out of their garden. And models evolve, there are even trampolines Hello Kitty! Do you know ten minutes break per day is the equivalent of a kilometer race walk? Also, jumping and resting is an excellent workout for the heart.

While it is quite easy to choose a bouncy castle on its appearance, it is harder to choose the best trampolines. And because, apart from the need to respect the rules indispensable to any practice of sport, it is important to consider several safety criteria and see if your trampoline survives or not a more or less intensive use. It must also take into account the buyers mind to choose the right quality product. How to buy?

Then you may lose you soon with all manufacturers offer as options to their models and trampolines. And if you’re just in this situation, look no further than elsewhere, you are in the right place!

We aim to help you find and where to buy a high-quality trampoline, cheap and respecting all safety instructions in its manufacture. The top models were also tested.

Through product descriptions, a comparison of some of our selection trampolines and many buying tips will guide you in choosing the equipment that will become the companion of your ultimate family relaxation!

Garden trampoline – for whom?

Trampoline enfantsLa first thing to do to determine before buying a trampoline for the garden is certainly the size of the location of it and those who will use it. If you know you have space, and you go, you also use then no hesitation possible, you need a trampoline model for adults with a diameter of 430 cm if possible.

In this case, you’ll need at least a width of 370. The size trampolines vary from 185 cm to 5 meters in diameter!

In our test, the kickback zone is never too high, most of the garden trampoline is, the better it is for all the family to enjoy!

If by cons you have a medium sized or small garden, opt for a smaller model, to be used only by children, a “mini” garden trampoline under 305 cm. Or a mini trampoline gymnastics to vote, no need for a professional model, your small trampoline will not need a net because you do not jump very high. It will be by cons for your weight, do not take a child to model limited to 70kg. The strength of the jumping surface of this kind of product is usually 70 kilos which do not allow adults to use. It will also limit the size quickly. Moreover, in the case of a teenager who will jump more energetic, have a little more room to drop will not a luxury. Then prefer whenever possible trampolines bigger garden so grand children and adults are provided for use.

Buying a trampoline: the benefits!

Before you even consider to buy one, you must have an idea of what it will give you such blessing. Indeed, in addition to being a hobby tend to entertain the whole family, the trampoline also provides many health benefits to young and adults.

In the words of experts, in addition to fun on this activity, you and your children will have the opportunity to:

  • work your endurance
  • tone your muscles and strengthen your body
  • improve your coordination and balance
  • work your concentration
  • stimulate your circulation and heart system
  • increase the flexibility of your members
  • burn fat and eliminate toxins from your body

So many good reasons to purchase this equipment both pleasurable and beneficial for fitness!

Things you should know about softball bats

Softball players strive to become consistent. A good softball bat can help achieve that goal. A worn bat will your swing and the ability to adapt to limit the nuances of the game. The Top Softball Bats will increase your swing speed and improve your batting measurable.

What makes a big hit? It depends on the softball player. Softball Bats can get worn out after prolonged use. Many are made of aluminum, which can dent after repeated hits. Softball Bats may also be too long or short, too dark or light. So just pick your teammate the answer to perfect batting can not bat. A heavier bat will slow down your swing speed. A lighter bat can increase your swing speed, but if it is too light, can your swing.


As a team batting plays a role in the game plan, coaches choose bats that maximize the striking power of their players. Also, many coaches have prepared a weighted bat used alongside the bats while playing. If hitters a few swings with a weighted bat, their regular bat will seem lighter, and they’ll swing harder.


Most softball leagues can either composite, a mixture of metal and aluminum bats. Composite bats give quite an advantage to a player. Softball Players use lighter bats increased swing speed possible. Swing speed means more pop off the bat and a greater distance from the hit. Many men league hitters have swung on more than 70 miles. These are not necessarily the conditioned athletes you see on college softball teams, but recreational league players.
Bats are also subject to the vagaries of the weather. Composite bats work fine during the warmer months, but can crack if played in cold weather. Aluminum bats dent in cold weather. Some of these bats can cost over $ 300. It’s a fine line between running a duration of sports and winning a game.


Softball bats like the other bat, except that each one is made of metal. Almost every one of the latest models is painted in neon colors with a particular name. Softball Bats have wrapped handles, usually in black tape. Bat weight and length is stamped on the bat end.

Do not forget to examine your softball association rules. Eight groups are different softball leagues in the United States. Make sure that you with your particular league, I find the name of your administrative group (Ex: ASA, NSA, USSSA, etc.) and obtain a complete list of approved/banned bats before making your purchase. There are also groups for high school and Little League teams.


To a bat suitability for you by measuring the weight, hold the stick straight down at your side. Then lift the bat sideways and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. If your arm gets tired, the bat is too heavy. Switch to a lighter size and try again. Remember that bat weight is stamped on the end of the stick. The measurement is in ounces.

The length of the softball bat is just as important. The term of the bat affects your ability to hit a softball with the sweet spot on the barrel of the bat. To measure the best length for you, stand with your back straight, arms at sides and feet together. Did someone put the bat on end next to you? The optimum length would reach bat around your wrist. Bat length is measured in inches and is printed on the end of the bat.

Practice always some fluctuations in the store to buy a bat. Take some swings but make sure to clear the area before your attitude

How can I purchase a baseball bat

Buy a softball bat requires knowledge of the player to use, as well as some consumer expertise

1. Buy a bat based on the size and experience of the player. The bigger the herd, the longer the bat. This allows the player to drive the ball better.

2. Buy a well-weighted bat. Test this by keeping the bat in your hand, using your weaker side. You have to be able to check it for at least 30 seconds.

3. Swing the bat. A measure of the correct weight is if you can hear the sound of the wind. If you can not, the bat is probably too dark.

4. Look for a bottle bat. This is a bat which allowed to the maximum thickness. A semi-bottle bat is more tapered and is a stronger player. This type is known as a bat to be loaded.

5. Look at those balls are used in the batting cage before buying a bat. Some heavier balls used in cages dent individual bats.

6. Expect between $ 50 and $ 275 to pay for a softball bat. Shop around for the best prices because they vary widely

7. Buy to start a bat. This is enough. Visit to have more information

Electric scooter Buying Guide

If your child wants an electric scooter, why not give them something they will be very happy with it? You may want to buy an electric scooter for kids for several reasons. They are first of all very comfortable to ride and are also good for the environment. They are also once again perfect for kids and teens. Electric scooters are made for adults and children, and your teenage child will very quickly having fun driving through the neighborhood.

They are a lot cheaper than electric cars and offer excellent performance. These scooters are new in the automotive industry and perfect for covering short distances. You load them easily and quickly, and you just need to know how to drive a bike. You just turn the throttle, and you’re already on the way.

Where have you to be careful when you buy an electric scooter go? Comfort is always a priority, but you should also consider other factors such as how easy it is maintenance and comes the scooter with the safety features. If you are planning a little further to travel by motorcycle, you should also check how many kilometers you can make before you have to charge it again and what is the maximum load limit as you possibly some extra things like a carry.

Why would you buy an electric scooter?

With the growing concern about climate change, you can contribute your part to reduce your impact on the environment. Electric bikes are the best friend of your child and do not need petrol. Here are some reasons why you like to buy an electric bike like:

  • You can drive there easily, and they are lightweight. This means you can maneuver quickly, and you will not get tired while driving.
  • You can drive it whenever you want. You do not need to learn how to take the turn or driving lessons (AM requires a moped license). Just step up and go. They do not even have gears, so the only thing you need to do is to press one button.
  • They are cheap. You will save on fuel costs, and you just need to pay the electricity.
  • They are environmentally friendly. There is no carbon emissions and exhaust, which means no pollution.
  • You do not have to go to the gas station. Are you tired of going to the gas station every time? You do not have to wait in line and fill your tank. Put the charger on the regular outlet in your home and that’s all you need to do.
  • Low maintenance. Since there is no fuel, radiators, cumbersome and complicated engines, you do not have to do much maintenance. You need to replace any oil or to clean cooling systems. Therefore, you save a lot of money after the initial purchase.
  • Travel easy. You can reduce travel costs significantly. Electricity is a lot cheaper than gasoline; thus travel expenses are a lot less.
  • Leave without worrying many kilometers. These scooters are supplied with quality batteries, so they are very durable and reliable.
  • Safe to use. The safety equipment is very useful. There are many circuit breakers, safety switchgear, electrical controls, brake switches and other control systems to make safe use for each age group.

How to find the best electric scooter that you need? These are some points that will help you:

  • Choose the type of bike you need. Determine where you need him. Want to use it for fun or travel with it to work?
  • Check how many kilometers can take the scooter on a full battery.
  • Determine the range that you need. How far can you get with the bike with the different load?
  • Weight limit. Electric bikes are just like any other vehicle an absolute limit that they can bear. When buying a bike for your child, you do not here to watch, but if it is for an adult, this is certainly a point where you have to watch.
  • Battery. Pay attention to the quality, type and charging capacity. This will also be affected by how much you use the scooter. Choose wisely.
  • Price. Compare and check the price of the electric scooter compared with the competition. Look for bargains or promotions before you make your final choice.
  • Why do you need him? Understand why you need the scooter. Test different models to see if they meet your requirements. You can keep multiple choices on what depends on whether you use it for the daily ride to work or simply for a weekend trip.


24 useful tips for traveling in South Vietnam

The first acquaintance with the locals as soon as you step off the airport is usually the taxi driver. Likewise, when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam and Danang tours in mid-January with my sister. And sure enough: we were dropped off almost immediately. No, not from one location to another, but financially deposited. As we go through the crowded streets of Saigon reason, we were not already merry with the musty smell and the craziness of the city, but the collision with the unfriendly taxi driver at the end of the ride made our first impression of Vietnam was little about to write home.

Meanwhile, nearly two months later (yes, “busy” with travel), I have a month Thailand behind it, and I sit with my tanned body in Cambodia. More importantly, I am now come all the way back to that first impression of Vietnam. I thought it was delicious! Because once you put over it that people do not speak English well and knows the psychological wall to break through, the Vietnamese are warm, wonderful people who are always willing to help you.

Three weeks I spent there. It was not nearly enough to get to know the country well. Indeed, because of the temperature differences between the north, center and south of the country and my limited wardrobe, I chose to explore only the hot spots in South Vietnam. It led to four places that I discovered with pleasure. And since I already countless people meanwhile have provided with useful tips for their stay in South Vietnam, it seemed convenient to capture these tips sometimes in black and white. Here they come then, conveniently listed in a row.

Capital of South Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

The city is officially mentioned for years Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. However, the locals speak – and tourists who have been there – always on Saigon. The city is known for the hectic traffic, but despite that it has a charm that I could not resist.

1. For backpackers who want to hang out restaurant with tourists: stay in District 1, the heart of the city from which you can go to all the shopping malls, or in the vicinity can enjoy the local and Western cuisine.

2. My ideal accommodation Eco Backpackers Hostel on Pham Ngu Lao number 373. It’s a very cheap hostel between the festivities. And yet it is immaculate, modern, safe and comfortable. With earplugs to sleep like a rose. Even when you’re on the first floor.

3. Travel: Planning to move to another city? Book your tour through Futa business. They run on time, maintain fair prices, have comfortable (sleeping), and buses regularly stop in places with regular toilets and good food. This is in contrast to some other bus companies where I had to pay to squat over a hole in the ground. I rest my case.

4. History: The War Remnants Museum gives you the right one-sided view of the war in Vietnam, but it is equally a piece of education you do not want to miss. You may combine this with a visit to the Co Chi tunnels (somewhat disappointing in my opinion).

5. Hungry? District One – find the small alleys – there are small street stalls selling fresh sushi made for you. Lovely!

6. Vegetarians beware: several meters is “Hum” next to the War Remnants Museum. A vegetarian restaurant where you can enjoy Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and other dishes. Slightly more pricey than you’re used to in Vietnam, but the money worth. My favorites: the fried rice with pineapple.

7. Traffic: how the Vietnamese rise in organized chaos, is memorable. They see perfectly well, even if you do not think. They will not stop for you if you cross but travel effortlessly around you. The only way to stabbing over is: just walk and not be afraid.

Can Tho

The city on the famous Mekong Delta with its floating markets. Nice to see, but after a day or two, you are well done.

8. Stay with Guesthouse Hien (Phan Dinh Phung 118/10 Ð) where the friendly but very business owner you will receive with open arms.

9. The floating markets are nice to have seen, but not super special. Think about it possibly to take another tour on the river to enjoy more of nature.

10. Make sure to try the fresh spring rolls (fresh vegetables in rice paper) which you can get anywhere in South Vietnam.

Phu Quoc

Neutral write about Phu Quoc I can not. Forgive me. It is the island where I found love and me so in my pink cloud phase only positive to look back. Here some features of the island.

11. Phu Quoc is an island only to bake on the beach (Long Beach) or to make cycling. The largest part of the island is a nature reserve. Expect no attractions or cultural visits.

12. Bounty: That said, the beach is pearl white and the bright sea blue. The sunset is also delusional sense-nig beautiful.

13. Food: the many restaurants on the beach serve delicious, fresh fish from the grill. Pure pleasure! But do not forget the small streets from the beach to the main road not where you are sometimes surprised by the delicious French cuisine.

14. Rory’s Bar: A cozy beach club, where you can do a beer in a casual atmosphere.

15. Accommodations are not cheap: allow at least $ 20.00 (€ 15.00 to 16.00) per night for a room. Cheaper I have not found it. On average you pay $ 35.00 soon. Best book in advance to ensure that you have a place.

16. There are a piece or two fish sauce factories on the island. If you ride towards the north, bring a face mask. The stench is unbearable after all

17. Sea: the sea is lovely, but there is some plankton. And yes, bite plankton. So those crazy injections? Now you know giving you that feeling.

18. Alanis Coffee Deli (Tran Hung Dao Street 98) makes delicious Vietnamese coffee. The traditional Vietnamese coffee is a kind of espresso shot with mocha flavor. Most people are crazy about. This coffee shop you can also buy great coffee to take away as a souvenir.

Mui Ne

The last ten days in South Vietnam I idled (and worked occasionally) to the coastal town of Mui Ne. Small Moscow, we can call it. Russians do not need a visa to enter the country. So they gather here frequently.

19. Guesthouse Keng (Nguyen Dinh Chieu 185): This was certainly an excellent place to stay. With only $ 12.00 for my room and a clean bathroom, I could see the memory of that unpleasant first night in a grubby hostel erase immediately. A fifteen-minute walk to the busier areas and the beach, but the rest is worth it.

20. Messages: There are numerous spas and massage parlors in Mui Ne. Some of them focus on the tourists who like to go for luxury and comfort and also handle nearly western prices. The service is excellent there. For the budget traveler, however, you can at the local salons for a good massage or pedicure.

21. Mexican food does at El Latino: cozy surroundings and delicious cuisine.

22. Live music and a comfortable atmosphere? Joe’s bar is an excellent place. Amazement I saw the Hot Vanilla on the map. If vanilla freak I could not wait to try this. What a delight! In fact, the hot milk with a shot of condensed milk, so beautiful to make at home as a treat.

23. The red sand dunes: many tour operators offer you a day tour to visit the ‘white and red sand dunes. Thanks to an adventurous Germans I met there, I’m fine – the Dutch – went on the bike. Ten kilometers stairs in the heat to admire the red sand dunes, but it was a perfect workout. The white dunes I have beaten so on.

24. The Fairytale Stream: Be smart and visit this possibly on the way back from the red dunes (so if you go cycling). German My traveling companion and I, therefore, decided the day afterward which way to turn to visit this fairytale stream yet. Ongoing. And that was all in all a pretty terrible job. But worth it because you get all kinds of good photo spots against.

How to choose power wheels or vehicle toys for you children?

On this article, we will provide you the best power wheels choices to help you determine which one suits your child best

Criteria should be taken into account when picking your power wheels:

Here are essential points when purchasing this fun toy:
Speed: is marked mainly by the power of the car. Children electric vehicles typically offer 2 types of power: 6V and 12V.

They offer an average speed of just over 3 km / h. 12v (it can be a 12V battery or two 6V). They can reach 7-8 km / h.
Price: The price can vary but it is true that the minimum to acquire a complete car can be about 150 €. However, if you know how to look you can find cheap car battery for children on Amazon site, for example.
Design and License: You cannot add any functionality, but the fact that cars are an imitation of real models adds a “point of distinction” (and that, for better or worse, is paid).

Other options are to opt for classic designs or flashy designs that although the adult may like less, the small will love.
Radio control: It allows us to lead our children when they are too small to drive by themselves. Commands sent from the control prevail over baby’s actions so that we can give you a safe and fun ride.

The 2.4G controls typically come with more speed enabling smoother output.
Number of seats: Most products have a single square but have the option to purchase 2 seats.
Sound: power wheels have sound when pressing the horn and while driving. In addition, there are models that allow connecting MP3 music.
Directions: Most have forward and ago-up
Lights: Again, power wheels try to imitate older cars both illuminating headlights and rear.
Warranty: Most retailers offer warranties of up to 2 years (except for batteries for which do not usually exceed 6 months warranty). As an additional advice, it is best to buy through Amazon because, as a large company, it is very concerned about its image and requires sellers’ strong position to guarantee customer so you’ll have no problem in the case of requiring repayment.
Security: There are three points to consider:

  • Electric brake. The car stops at the time when the accelerator is not pressed.
  • Belts. Power wheels usually come with equipped belts, some with a 2-point belt and others with a 3-point belt (the latter offer greater security.
  • Radio controlled by an adult. Important if your child is young or a little “kamikaze”.

What skills enhance children’s electric cars?

And, where some only see fun, others warn a huge potential for development of the capacities of the kids in the house.

Improving mobility and coordination

First, the need to coordinate hands, arms, legs and feet for driving helps children to move in complex ways.
Second, through the exercise of balancing the mount and dismount the vehicle, which improves balance.

Encourage exercise

While they are not aware, they perform a full exercise using this type of toy. Similarly, the fun outdoors eliminates barriers and future prejudice against the practice of sport.

Increase self-confidence

Young drivers are solely responsible (ignoring the fact that we have the option to control them by radio control.)

Removes children from home

How many times have we tried to stop their video games and breathe fresh air? Cars comparable battery for children offers fun and healthy alternative to Nintendos, Play Stations, etc. This allows small better understand the world beyond the interior of their homes, and thus society.

Increase the perception

While driving, our children are forced to make decisions with limited which encourages rapid decision solutions and analysis time.

What is the power wheel that best suits your child? If your son …

… is less than a year
Do not be impatient and wait a bit to buy these kinds of toys.
… has an age of 1 to 3 years
Opt for a car low – power (6V) or double speed. The bright colors will delight you but you may get tired faster. If you’re not sure if you like this kind of toy, you can opt for models with a shorter lifespan and more basic but significantly cheaper characteristics.
…has an age of 4 to 8 years
They need to download all the energy within these ages, so a minimum of 12v power is required. If your child has a good growth spurt, you will probably have to opt for SUV models that offer more space for the child.

Recommendations for Sports Training

The general principles of sports training are a set of general recommendations governing the process of development of physical condition and are based on biological, psychological and educational aspects. If we respect them, the chances of error are few, and many improve performance. If you take up the outdoor sport, consider having the best backpacking tent. For newest models, visit Family Tent Center

1. PRINCIPLE OF PERSONALITY: Each person reacts and adapts differently to training loads. Do not try to imitate what the great champions, adjust your planning your abilities, your time available and the years you’ve been playing sports.

2. GENERAL PRINCIPLE OF ADAPTATION: The improvement that occurs with training is based on general adaptation syndrome, summarized that “unbalance the body by performing a workout, and after a period of rest the body does not only retrieves the initial equilibrium level but responds with a general biological improvement (overcompensation) to protect against future attacks. ” The time to regain balance levels depend on each athlete, and primarily of the training load: volume and intensity. Therefore “overcompensation” must be considered individually. If we apply a row without the necessary training recovery performance decreases.

3. PRINCIPLE OF OVERLOAD: The training stimulus must be sufficient to break the balance and force the body to create an overcompensation. Do not always train at the same rate or the same distance because the body gets used and not the balance is broken and therefore not improved.

4. PRINCIPLE OF PROGRESSION: Go slowly, from easy to difficult, from gentle to intense, in a controlled and progressive, always allowing adaptation. Follow these guidelines:

First increases the number of training sessions a week.
Increases the volume of each session.
It increases the intensity.
A benchmark is 10% increase workouts week to week. Beware that after making this proportional and progressive increase for 2 or 3 weeks, you must enter a week of discharge or recovery (principle of periodization).

5. PRINCIPLE OF EXPERTISE: This principle is founded on the principle of “multilateralism” based on the process of training children and young people it requires that in the early stages will create a broad base of multilateral work (training all abilities and physical and coordinative qualities, practicing different sports and disciplines, using different materials, etc …) This multilateral approach allows a proper psychomotor training and prepares for future sports specialization.
As the mature athlete that general work recedes for a greater impact on specific aspects of the preparation, going to be more important the principle of specialization.

This specialized training is needed to optimize performance because different physical abilities required for the development of methods and systems of very specific training for optimum development.

6. PRINCIPLE OF OPTIMIZATION BETWEEN LOAD AND RECOVERY: As a general rule to allow overcompensation can apply the following rest periods:
Low-intensity aerobic training 60-75% of the F.C.max (Cardiac maximum frequency) 12-24 h.
Work interval training involving 80% of the F.C.max. 24-36 h.
Speed training 100% of the F.C.max. 48-72 h.
strenuous workouts very long duration minimum 72 h. to perform similarly.

7. PRINCIPLE OF CONTINUITY: Metabolic adaptations are achieved after several weeks (3,4) repeated workouts. The adjustment of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems can take months if there is no continuity in the training process adaptations breaks.

If workouts are not repeated consistently over time, improvements “overcompensation” are lost, decreasing the performance of the subject.

If interrupted in the time training for whatever reason, adaptations at twice the speed it takes to achieve them are lost, “so it is said that sport in this regard is ungrateful …”


Training should be planned alternating different methods and systems of work, alternating the volume and intensity of loads to optimize performance improvement. Training sessions are organized in weekly cycles (microcycle), these in turn mesocycles (Microcycles groups with the same goal) and macrocycles periods within an annual planning (preparatory period (2-3 months “the house founded on a good base “), particular (1-2 months), competitive (6-8 weeks depending sports), rest ….

It is advisable to plan two or three weeks of increased training followed by a week of discharge to allow the necessary overcompensation.

The season must be raised according to realistic goals in the short, medium and long term.

Count the weeks you have to prepare.

During the weeks of preparation in winter usually spends time at work base (accumulation of hours of training at low rates and media as the season progresses) and balance and muscle strengthening in the gym.

In the particular period advances in training intensities and rate increases series at the end of this.