How to camp on the beach

With the sun and good weather, go camping can be a fun plan, plus an original and economic sightseeing and spend the summer with friends or family way. If you imagine what it would spend days at sea and does not know how to do, pay attention to the next article. In’s how to camp on the beach. A holiday that allows you to take a bath, enjoy the weather and to see incredible sunsets. With these tips, you will spend an unforgettable summer and adapted to your pocket. Take note!

1. Choose the beach to camp. You think you can not do in any, but the beach must have a suitable area to set up your tent and spend a few days. Consult it before camping. Remember to bring the Coleman 8 person tent for your family

2. Find out the rules of the beach. This is not only important to know whether or not camping is prohibited, but to know what you can do and what not. Thus, you avoid your holiday truncation by a misunderstanding.

3. The weather. Even in summer, you should keep this in mind when packing your belongings. While you will need bathing suits and comfortable and fresh clothes for the day, you can also require jackets, sweatshirts or a jacket for cold nights. The sea breeze can be treacherous! So remember the saying: prevention is better than cure.

4. Planning activities. All day between the sea and the sun is beautiful, but if you want to pass different and fun times, we suggest ideas for activities you do during your camping trip. From fishing to the modern paddle surfing, diving, surfing, kite or a game of beach volleyball are some of the sports you will have a great time during your camping on the beach. Join!

5. Protect yourself from the sun. You think you’ll be exposed to the rays throughout the day. Take a good sunscreen and Hydrate often. Drink plenty of water and avoid your skin from drying out or get dehydrated. Also, make hats or bandanas or umbrellas. Cover yourself from the sun to prevent sunburn.

6. Camping far from the sea. Find a suitable distance to plant your camp. He thinks that if there are a heavy swell and the tide rises, you could wet it all and lose most of your objects.

7. Camping away from the dunes. Like the sea, sand can damage your little camping especially if there is a strong wind. We recommend that you protect them. Monta a small shelter behind trees or bushes. You’ll thank.

8. Grills and barbecues. Consultation to do in the area and do not forget to add in your luggage racks. You’ll enjoy the good weather and a good barbecue next to the sea.

9. Caution sea. Do not just take and see if the law allows you to swim or not. Remember: the red flag prohibits bath danger, caution transmits yellow and green gives way to taking your shower. Note the warnings.

10. A book, good music or recreational activities enliven your camping on the beach. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your economic summer.

How Camping on the mountain

With summer and long weekends, holidays and vacation time, it is no wonder they are increasingly people who decide to escape from the routine to enjoy a well-deserved rest time. Are you planning to escape the city? In this post, we will show you how to how to camp in the mountains and enjoy the contact with nature.

1. The sand and sea are the most wanted to spend these days and thus stifle places high summer temperatures. But there are also many other plans to enjoy the summer and the summer time.
One of these schemes is to make a camping trip. But who does not like crowds own this season and looks for other ways to enjoy a good camping. So camping in the mountains is an activity that is gaining more followers.

2. Camping in the mountains, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that we should not take luggage more as both the backpack and food and tents must bring them to costs so that the lighter luggage we go will be better.

3. Once we reach the mountain we find a good place to ride our stores. It is best to find a place where the rocks to protect us from the cold and wind that usually do on the heights of the mountains. Because of the cold, we have to relocate from our luggage some warm clothes to help us pass the night.

4. Although it is not easy to start a fire in some places, we can try to collect some grass and dry leaves to start a fire; therefore we explain here the types of fire on a camping trip. Of course, we must be very careful and be controlled at all times to avoid accidents campfire, and we always have a mobile phone to call for help if necessary. It is better to eat light and easy to prepare food with camping gas and remember to leave you must leave everything clean.

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Tips: Tell your family where you plan to go camping and never go alone.

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