Many people have asked this question. Even myself in the recent purchase of my SUZUKI ltz400, or purchase SUZUKI Jordi, or at the DERBI DXR Rafa, or at the SUZUKI Javi … in which I have been present to certify the right or poor condition of the second-hand quads have looked and finally bought, trusting my judgment (poor beasts)

Most often, we do not have the money to make that purchase to “locate an” or, if we do, we have cost efforts, sacrifices and penalties being assembled. Reason to worry a bit more to buy something decent and fill us with satisfaction and no problems.

Our old quad is we have outgrown or old, or stamp on a ravine or severe engine failure is so what repair costs more than buying one identical but working or only want to get into the scene for the first time. The idea is that we seek a new friend handlebar and four wheels.

Put yourself in the ideal. We have the money. We understand the type of vehicle you want. We know we’re going to take full advantage; you’re a lucky guy. Who could? With the “slowdown” there. But it is logical that something fails. We split.

First unknown. New or OWNED?

The money, if you do not have, is going to the bank to see if you get it. But is not the same request € 2,000. And then the first question arises. New or second hand? If you have the pasta, as a premiere nothing, make no mistake.

But today’s market and ATV quad in Spain suffers a supersaturation of second-hand models that are not used and allowed to buy vehicles in excellent condition for an attractive price and often go with cheap ATV tires.

There are several types of vendors selling various kinds of quads:

Quad fashion: The bought back in the day the kids to go with colleagues as a new way and remained in the garage potato after a dump or use it just to go for the bread or the bar to slide and do noise with the bride. The primary cause of the bad image of our vehicles. They tend to be relatively new, but clean. But they have harmed their engines and chassis more than advisable on asphalt. Usually, they sports like Suzuki ltz400.

Quad mortgage: There are hundreds of fans who unfortunately must be set to deal with a layoff (which does not reach me, I do not get … !!!) and / or to the brutal rise in mortgage. His misfortune may be a good opportunity for us … And for them! Need to see the condition and find everything.

Quad pursued: Agunos teammates have finished fed up that AUTHORITIES Are competent? the sanction every weekend in an illogical and merciless persecution by the unjust and prohibitionist LAW MONTES, extreme application in Madrid and Valencia. They decide to sell because they can not use them freely. It’s sad … They tend to be relatively new and gently used. Again, best to check.
Quad used or widely used: Companions who decide it is high time to change the quad or ATV. It will be worth it, or even we approach, depending on the price and condition. Only buy if you are genuinely cheap and have been very well treated, as the desgate take it over.

Workshop Quads: Some workshops agreed on quads used as a down payment for a new one. Today, with the fucking crises (sorry, “deceleration”) do not sell anything, and many begin to be desperate to take off the ballast used above.

A real deal will make a quad guaranteed Workshop (always in writing!) Or at least well-reviewed and developed.

Good choice, although the most expensive in the long run, since a workshop pants will fall in the sale and then download them to you in repairs or spare parts prices and recoup your investment.

All that material used, which is looking a bit, you can get authentic pure gold (Javi right?). There quads really feel sorry (or disgust), but there are others that just have some slight damage and only 1,000 or 2,000 kilometers, despite having 2 or 3 years old. The market is cruel, and economic problems of some allow find real bargains that knows and can seize the opportunity.

But eye. What it sells second-hand usually hidden defects and faults. It is critical to review certain essential points to take no surprise that runs between purchase and repair, in a similar spending to have bought a new good beginning.

Persuasion, know how to negotiate without overtightening and have the money in hand, they are the guarantee for a good buy. The seller may become desperate, but it is neither silly nor ever leave tread. A good deal will be advantageous to both parties since you buy something in conditions and well below the price of new purchase and the seller will be taken off an expensive item you no longer use.

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