How to choose power wheels or vehicle toys for you children?

On this article, we will provide you the best power wheels choices to help you determine which one suits your child best

Criteria should be taken into account when picking your power wheels:

Here are essential points when purchasing this fun toy:
Speed: is marked mainly by the power of the car. Children electric vehicles typically offer 2 types of power: 6V and 12V.

They offer an average speed of just over 3 km / h. 12v (it can be a 12V battery or two 6V). They can reach 7-8 km / h.
Price: The price can vary but it is true that the minimum to acquire a complete car can be about 150 €. However, if you know how to look you can find cheap car battery for children on Amazon site, for example.
Design and License: You cannot add any functionality, but the fact that cars are an imitation of real models adds a “point of distinction” (and that, for better or worse, is paid).

Other options are to opt for classic designs or flashy designs that although the adult may like less, the small will love.
Radio control: It allows us to lead our children when they are too small to drive by themselves. Commands sent from the control prevail over baby’s actions so that we can give you a safe and fun ride.

The 2.4G controls typically come with more speed enabling smoother output.
Number of seats: Most products have a single square but have the option to purchase 2 seats.
Sound: power wheels have sound when pressing the horn and while driving. In addition, there are models that allow connecting MP3 music.
Directions: Most have forward and ago-up
Lights: Again, power wheels try to imitate older cars both illuminating headlights and rear.
Warranty: Most retailers offer warranties of up to 2 years (except for batteries for which do not usually exceed 6 months warranty). As an additional advice, it is best to buy through Amazon because, as a large company, it is very concerned about its image and requires sellers’ strong position to guarantee customer so you’ll have no problem in the case of requiring repayment.
Security: There are three points to consider:

  • Electric brake. The car stops at the time when the accelerator is not pressed.
  • Belts. Power wheels usually come with equipped belts, some with a 2-point belt and others with a 3-point belt (the latter offer greater security.
  • Radio controlled by an adult. Important if your child is young or a little “kamikaze”.

What skills enhance children’s electric cars?

And, where some only see fun, others warn a huge potential for development of the capacities of the kids in the house.

Improving mobility and coordination

First, the need to coordinate hands, arms, legs and feet for driving helps children to move in complex ways.
Second, through the exercise of balancing the mount and dismount the vehicle, which improves balance.

Encourage exercise

While they are not aware, they perform a full exercise using this type of toy. Similarly, the fun outdoors eliminates barriers and future prejudice against the practice of sport.

Increase self-confidence

Young drivers are solely responsible (ignoring the fact that we have the option to control them by radio control.)

Removes children from home

How many times have we tried to stop their video games and breathe fresh air? Cars comparable battery for children offers fun and healthy alternative to Nintendos, Play Stations, etc. This allows small better understand the world beyond the interior of their homes, and thus society.

Increase the perception

While driving, our children are forced to make decisions with limited which encourages rapid decision solutions and analysis time.

What is the power wheel that best suits your child? If your son …

… is less than a year
Do not be impatient and wait a bit to buy these kinds of toys.
… has an age of 1 to 3 years
Opt for a car low – power (6V) or double speed. The bright colors will delight you but you may get tired faster. If you’re not sure if you like this kind of toy, you can opt for models with a shorter lifespan and more basic but significantly cheaper characteristics.
…has an age of 4 to 8 years
They need to download all the energy within these ages, so a minimum of 12v power is required. If your child has a good growth spurt, you will probably have to opt for SUV models that offer more space for the child.

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