We all love camping. It is therefore not surprising that in 2011 many people tent, trailer, caravan or motor home packing for a free holiday. Yummy in the open air, in one place, or just wander. One leaves with a simple tent. The other opts for a ready-made accommodation in a camp. A new trend is a glamping: camping with such luxury that far removed from the Primus bunch. But at glamping, you get that feeling of freedom that is so characteristic of a camping holiday. How do you go camping, you must pre-arrange a few things. Your packing list again depends on the type of camping and your personal needs. Pure traveling put some useful tips in a row.

Where are you going?

Near or a little further? At the seaside or in the mountains? If you have your camping equipment on holiday, the world is literally at your feet. If you opt for a fully furnished property, then you are more dependent on the supply. You go with small children on the road then you’ll probably be tempted to do some stay closer to home. Find your naturist areas you’ll have most choice in France and Croatia. In high season reservations may be required in certain areas. This limits a bit the feeling of ‘go where you want, but also prevents you from coming after a long drive for a closed gate. Leaving you to France or you travel across the country, then try to avoid the “black Saturdays. These are good for kilometer-long traffic jams, a high risk of accidents and a lot of stress.

Tip: Try perspective. How do you go on vacation, things always go other than home. Get your shoulders more often and try to enjoy.

The camping

Caravan owner remember what kind of camping you want: a family site, a site with all the bells and whistles, pool, playground and so on, or just a farm site with only toilet facilities? Choose a textile camping or a naturist site? So many phrases, so many types of campgrounds. Look on the Internet, read the experiences of others, ask for information. Also at Pure traveling are some, mostly naturist areas described. Should you book? Please do so in time to avoid disappointment.

Camping equipment

What you should take depends on the type of camping. Go example. Then you need your tent reminiscent of chairs, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, table, cooking utensils, etc. .. Book your fully equipped accommodation then the inventory available and you only need to bring your personal belongings. Do not forget your towels. These are almost never included.


  • Put the tent at home to see if he is still sealed and camping equipment is complete and not broken.
  • It is convenient to fill the gas cylinder (s) already in the Netherlands. No gas is available everywhere or the bottles that you use to trade.
  • Make a list. Shoot you remember something, write it directly at.
  • Let home: Valuables, jewelry, expensive cameras, etc. Especially if you go you have enough secure storage space with a tent on vacation.
  • If you go with another, opt for the best 4 person tent


Ensure proper and valid documents: passport, driving license, pass for emergency service, possibly green card. Take maps and navigation system passes, for example, ANWB and NFN and a camping carnet with. You’ll travel through countries where a toll/vignette is mandatory. You can pre usually already buy for example the ANWB.


Band for you on the hunt is checking car, caravan and motorhome not superfluous to reduce the road the risk of breakdown. Think also to the tires of the caravan and motorhome. For a trailer, this band is recommended to replace the six years. This is because there is often dehydration cracks appear.


  • Do not take too much luggage. A fully loaded car with a roof box, a bike carrier, and a trailer is risky.
  • Pack items you may need on so that they are easy to pack. Also, provide food and water for the trip. Also, something that you can easily prepare in case you arrive late or on time or day that the shops are closed.

The caravan and motorhome

Make sure heavy objects (awning, crates) are placed on the trailer floor above the axle.

In a swaying trailer is usually the cause of lack of ball pressure or a wrong way of loading. Maximum ball pressure read on the nameplate of the device. On average, between 50 and 75 kilos. You can measure it with a ball pressure gauge or a personal scale. Fill the water tank only for a small part to avoid extra payload. Each caravan has a maximum payload. How much that is on the registration certificate of the trailer. It’s a simple equation: add up the load on the empty weight of the trailer. It is, especially in the summer, strictly controlled by the weight of the trailer!

Tips for caravan and motorhome:

  • The upper cabinets used only for clothing. Stop cooking and eating utensils in the lower cabinets. For rattling and damage to prevent you can stuff in a towel wrap.
  • Put everything securely so it does not slide around. During emergency braking are all things throughout the caravan or motor home there.

Safety Precautions

Give thieves no chance to take the caravan or motorhome. Even at home, as he packed waiting for the risk that is being broken to travel. Many insurance companies require an approved anti – theft device such as a clamp, chain wheel, clutch lock, etc.

For valuables, a safe firmly fixed in a non-conspicuous place in the caravan or motorhome is a solution.

First camping

Begin your purchase with camping or not equal to a whole outfit. There are often “starter kits” for sale. You can always borrow things or start a tent holiday in a fully equipped tent.

Avoid fly in fly

It seems a strange trick, but it seems to work: hang a water-filled plastic bag at the entrance of the tent, caravan or motor driven and there is no more air inside.

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